Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Did you know discombobulated is really a word? I just looked it up at dictionary.com. And it is spelled exactly as it sounds. For some reason I really like that.
This morning I feel discombobulated and I'm not sure why.
Is it Michael Jackson overload?
Worries about the economy?
Let down after the July 4th party?
Braves loosing - again?
Uncertainty over youngest' college preparations?
Frustration about where the country is headed?
Starting the new book?
Summer schedule?
Lack of schedule?
Missed prayer time?
Questions about life in an empty nest?
Dirty dishes?
Grieving for past things?
Accepting new things?
Thinking about jury duty next week?
Yes. All of it, I think.
I'm not very good at worrying. Some folks are champions, but I've never cared to practice it enough to be able to do it well. Lack of initiative, I guess. So on days like today when I feel the need to put on a real good worry - I'm just not prepared. So easily I'm distracted - by the sunshine breaking through the clouds like it just did, or the birds, or a funny e-mail, or a call from a friend, or just my lack of concentration on the obviously distressing things around me.
I promise to work harder on worrying, but right now I need to go enjoy that sunshine and finish my cup of coffee.
I'm sure some of you will do enough worrying for both of us. Although, you know, I feel better already. Have a great day!

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Jodie said...

You tickle me... "lack of initiative." I love it! May we all forget how to practice worrying!