Friday, July 10, 2009

Mountain TOP

"It would've been nice to have hammered something before," was the comment from Melissa, a young teen, after her first mission trip. The week-long trip took the youth group to Mountain T.O.P (Tennessee Outreach Project) where they helped families in need by building wheel chair ramps, cleaning yards, painting, building porches and visiting.
My husband has led the youth mission trip for the past eight years and he decided Melissa was right. So tomorrow morning, as they have the past six years, a group of teens will be building collapsible saw horses in our garage and driveway. They nail, saw, drill and then get to paint their names on their creations. When they finish - it's pizza at the pool!
Mike went to Mt. TOP the first time when he was needed at the very last minute. It was our oldest son's first year. Mike has been every summer since and this will be our youngest child's last year. Ryan, our middle child, has worked at Mt. TOP for three summers during college and this year is a director.
My favorite part of Mt. TOP is that the work groups, teams of 6 or 7 teens and an adult, do not know each other. Each person is on equal footing. My kids have made some amazing friendships each year. The new connections, hard work, and visiting with the families in need all make for profound worship services.
When the door to Mt TOP opened suddenly for Mike eight years ago, he stepped through it. He had never been on any kind of mission trip before. There was a need and he answered the call.
I'm so proud to be his wife.

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Capt. Mike, you da man!