Friday, July 17, 2009

Failure is Only an Option

Someone forgot to tell Roswell, Ga there is a recession going on. Some friends and I went to After 5 Alive in historic downtown Roswell last night and it was packed. People spilled out into the streets, laughing, talking, and drinking. However, it was very controlled and laid-back. Not hectic at all. The shops were busy and restaurants full.
Maybe it's my business management degree, but I love seeing businesses doing things right.
Then again, maybe it's more my heritage. My mom can tell you when a business will succeed and she's never had a marketing class. We have often over the years walked into a store and Mama say, "Now what were they thinking to open this here." Or we'll pass an empty store front and she'll list the kinds of stores which could be successful there. Mama operated a successful business, "The Yarn Barn" behind our house when I was growing up. Her father Haskin Chancey, was a true entrepreneur in Copperhill, Tennessee. Of course, when you had 14 children and didn't live on a farm, you kinda had to be.
Success has a formula. Certain steps to follow until you get to the point where you become creative and step off onto your individual path.
I've said this to many youth through the years. Mimic what you want. You see the type family you want one day? Study them, talk to them. You see the career you want? Find someone and ask questions. You see a relationship that looks right? Watch. Listen. Learn.
Success is all around - we just forget to focus on it, especially when economic distress abounds.
I'm going to make a concerted effort to watch for thriving ideas, places, and people.
Thanks Roswell for reminding me - Failure is only an option.

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Paula said...

Been kind of crazy lately. seen your posts and they have been calling me to check them out. You see things very few ever see. I love your stories and your simple wisdom. God gave you many great gifts! I hope you never stretch too far for me. Love you,Paula