Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just Wondering

A hummingbird just buzzed me out on the deck. Coffee in hand, watching the sun come up through the trees, I was marveling at the birds already. And then my tiny visitor flew up. He took a drink or two at my geraniums, considered the flowers on my robe and then darted away. Dozens of birds were playing in the pines, a committee of crows flew overhead, the hawk next door kept sentinel from atop an oak tree, and finches flitted between the feeders for a breakfast buffet.
I've always thought God must've had fun creating all the different birds. And what about flowers? On my deck alone are geraniums, begonias, petunias - all as different as can be.
So God created all these different things and then was done creating? Was it a one shot deal for him? That doesn't sound or feel right. But there aren't new species of birds hatching every so often. Or flowers, which never existed in any form popping up.
Did he put it all in motion and then sit back to enjoy -not in a passive way, but in a proud Papa way? But wouldn't he itch to create again? Is he creating in Heaven? Could that be his studio? Is he enhancing what we have here but we just don't see it because he's not in any hurry? Could that be part of how and why species evolve?
Just sitting, drinking coffee, and wondering.

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