Friday, July 3, 2009

Freedom to Fail?

Freedom is big around July 4th. But one freedom gets far less play than it deserves.
Freedom to Fail.
Failure has always been a bad word, but seems like it's grown bigger and meaner. There's an underlying belief that if we just do all the right things, failure can be kept at bay.
Anti-bacterial hand soap, air bags, insurance, sunscreen, organic food, see-through book bags, metal detectors, on and on and on. Of course we need to manage risk, but when we manage risk to the point that it becomes our purpose?
Throughout the Bible we're told, Fear Not. I don't think God was telling us it was possible to get to a point where fear is wiped out. No, I think he knows our propensity to fear. Our innate ability to focus so much on our fear, that we miss the miracle happening right in front of us.
There is a saying, "What would you do if there was no chance of failure?"
That's the freedom I'm talking about. Freedom to move forward, make changes, live life and put fear in proper perspective.
Pastor Mike Long at Roswell UMC showed a picture of Daniel in the Lions Den during his sermon a few weeks ago. He pointed out that hungry lions circle Daniel, yet his eyes are focused up. He then asked, "What are the lions in your life? And are you watching them instead of looking up?"
Freedom from fear. Freedom to fail.
I'm celebrating Freedom this weekend - all kinds.

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