Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You Smell.

When Katie moved in with us for her senior year, she'd been living here a couple months when another teen in the youth group said, "Katie smells like a Shostak now."
"What?" I said.
"Y'all have this really good smell. Your house, your cars, and each of you smell, well, nice. Makes me feel good."
A friend from college gave me the most wonderful compliment after we moved back near her.
"Being in your house feels just like being at your mom and dad's."
Yesterday in jury picking we each had to stand and say our name, where we lived, and our occupation. Several young women said they were homemakers. That's how I always described myself and after two days away from my home, I'm more convinced than ever that is a correct classification for me. I missed my home. Things were left as they were when I ran out the door each morning. Robert, Lizzy, and Mike all came home from their jobs about the same time I did and that discombobulated me.
Now many of you do great jobs creating homes and working full-time. I know, I've been in your homes. But I don't think I'm that talented.
Mike and I made many choices through the years that allowed me to be here full-time and it truly is my calling. They say when you do what you're meant to do it energizes you.
Being here, making our home, energizes me.
I guess I'm kind of surprised to discover that. I often have felt guilty about being home all the time. Never from Mike. He supports whatever I want to do and is the most helpful husband ever around the house. But when others tell me they wish they could stay home, or when other women talk about their careers, or when folks go on great vacations or send their kids to out of state or private colleges. If I'd been working . . .
I guess I'll just take this jury duty experience and try to gain a new appreciation for what God has called me to be-
A Homemaker.


Rob said...

HA! You said, "discombobulated" again.

Kay Dew Shostak said...

I won't be happy until everyone is using it. As in - "getting stuck on our new elevator at church makes me discombobulated."

Susan Schulz said...

Thanks for yours prayers, Kay. And thanks for your sweet reminder of what a privilege it is to be a full time homemaker. I wouldn't trade my last 19 years for all the money in the world.

lisa pierce said...

Kay, I totally agree with all of your points. But in the spirit of equality, I would also praise those husbands (like my own) that provide that role in our family of 4 daughters and 5 grandkids! We too agreed that one of us needed to be home, and it happened to work out that both financially and skill wise, he was BY FAR the best suited! He cooks fabulously (I can barely not burn a frozen dinner), he is the family transportation manager (getting kids where they need to go) and he is the homework king! Sometimes I miss that they go to him first (which is so selfish of me) but I'm also glad that we both were able to carve our own arrangement without feeling too guilty! Thanks for reminding me about the importance of a homemaker role, be it mom or dad!

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Thanks, Lisa. I so agree that the role of homemaker has nothing to do with gender. Several of our friends have worked things out like you all. And one couple switch off who stays home as they change jobs. I do know that staying home is so much better when you have an appreciative spouse - as you so obviously are.
I think with our youngest going off to college I'm just not sure about what homemaker means to me now! Thanks for sharing - matter of fact I started a book once about a stay at home dad, hmmm, I might have to go find that!

lisa pierce said...

You'll find the "job" or interest when you the kids are away, you have the smarts and the drive to do so! And if and when you pick up on writing the book, let me know and I can provide you tons of funny and serious anecdotes from our experience! All free to you of course, with the only requirement a shout out on your "thank you" cover note!