Monday, December 21, 2009

And there was dancing and singing . . .

My eyes just keep wanting to close. One, because I could sleep for a week. Two, because I want to close my eyes and remember all the beautiful moments from this weekend.
Robert and Carrie are married.
W'ere still in Athens with some moving of furniture, gifts and general wedding details - such as taking their cat to it's new home, getting the groom's tux, and clearing out of the hotel rooms.
The wedding was happy, sweet and so beautiful. The night sky peering in three stories of windows, surrounded by old mellow wood and stone out in the middle of the woods, it was magical. And then the reception in the atrium with tropical plants, citrus trees bearing ripened fruit and hundreds of tiny white lights set a fairytale stage for laughter and tears and lots and lots of dancing.
What a wonderful feeling to see the culmination of so much planning and thought and concern. I think that's what is so fun about the dancing at the reception - the celebration that it all really, really happened. Just like we dreamed and hoped.
Today is Dec. 21 and in three days we'll celebrate the evening God watched his plan unfold and develop in that stable in Bethlehem. Sure, he's God and he can do all things - but he chooses to use humans and we are notoriously problematic when it comes to heavenly plans.
So last night on that dance floor when we all clapped and danced and laughed we probably reminded God of the celebration in the heavens on that night long ago. When angels clapped and danced and laughed and shouted, "Glory to God!"
God loves a good celebration!

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Marti said...

I had to come back to comment on this post. After having two daughters marry within the year, I truly understand the joy, the exhaustion, and the celebration of this time.

I pray that you, your husband, and the newlywed couple will continue to rejoice for many days and years to come. He rejoices over you as well. Keep on dancing and singing, Kay--and Merry Christmas.