Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lessons from Forrest

We watched "Forrest Gump" last night and I got to wondering what is it that makes Forrest so different, so appealing? A few things came to me.
One is he always says, "Okay" when someone asks him if he wants to do something. Go into shrimping, play ping pong, whatever. The original "Yes" man.
He lives in the present. Past and future don't seem to hold much appeal to him. He dives off the boat and goes when he needs to go. Where the boat will go isn't a concern for him.
But last night the thing that I kept noticing is he always does the right thing. Without thoughts of his benefit or his cost, he just does the right thing. He doesn't carry around baggage in his head and heart which muddies up right and wrong.
I know Forrest is mentally challenged and fictional, but that always doing right - without a lot of thinking - sounds really appealing to me right now.
What I'm stuck on is the forgiving and forgetting thing. I want to forgive because it's the right thing AND because I don't like having bad feelings toward anyone. But I don't want to forget, because, well, I don't want to forget and let the person think they got away with it. But that kind of forgetting is not only not forgetting, that's not forgiving. Bummer.
So my choice is to forgive AND forget or neither. Maybe you've found a way to be at peace not forgetting, but I seem to lack that ability. So, me and God have got some talking to do this morning because this baggage has got to go.
Seriously - I've got Christmas cookies to bake and baggage messes that up!

So either I let it all go, which is going to require supernatural help, or I keep feeling yucky about it all. Supernatural - you know that means outside our natural world - and that's what God is. Good thing for me, because my nature is to hold on to this and feel hurt.
Wait, maybe that's what is so appealing about Forrest - his mental problems didn't allow him to develop past the nature of a child.

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Renee said...

Oh, Kay. I was just last night mentally composing a blog entry on forgiveness. I'm going to post it in just a few. How timely. Isn't it funny how Father does that? Speaks things to folks at the same time?