Monday, December 28, 2009

The Party's Over, kinda

I officially love Christmas on Friday. Going straight into the weekend made the holiday stretch out, so much so that I'm having difficulty letting it go now. The weekend was relaxing and fun, but now it's time to move from Christmas and on to New Years.
Mike is at work and my to do list today is mainly to undecorate the tree. I hate to see it and all the multi-colored lights go, but it is time. The limbs are no longer supple and are beginning to droop. Plus, on New Year's day we always have an open house which starts with the first bowl game (11 am) and ends when the last bowl game ends (around 11 pm). So we need additional seating in the living room where the tree is. (BTW - open house means you're invited! Come on by for chili, nachos, and football!)
This month has flown, but I think it is ending without regrets. Special times with special people all happened. Quiet moments with the lit tree, a fire, and a book happened. Games were played, walks taken, dinners served, carols sang, candles lit, and Wow - does my house show it!
Today, as I remove ornaments from prickly limbs, climb to the top cupboards to put away the special dishes and glasses, make dinner out of left-overs (again) I want my work to remind me of our just past holiday - not turn me into a Grinch.
Sad, isn't it, how a few hours work can dampen a month full of joy. That's a truth I'll keep close at hand today - because I KNOW I'm going to need it.


Vodka Logic said...

Sounds nice but you worked the weekend it didn't seem so extended. Next year maybe it won't be my turn.

Decorations stay up until New Years day..:)

Kay Dew Shostak said...

That is a bummer having to work the weekend - like you said, maybe next year. And except for the tree because of needing space, I'm so with you on leaving the rest until after the new year. Love those little white lights everywhere!