Friday, December 4, 2009

The Gift of Validation

One reason I thought I was supposed to write was because of the things I notice in nature. Like today - the leaves on the bushes in my back yard are such a dark green, they are almost black. So different from the yellowy-green of spring, deep mature green of summer, or the tired, dusty green when fall is just around the corner. Now, those of you up north are wondering why we still have green leaves - well, down here some of the bushes, not just the pine or fir, have green leaves year-round.
Through the years, as I would share my observations about the world around us, I could see people were seeing them for the first time. If that wasn't something for me to share, and of course the outlet I thought of was writing, then why did I notice these things?
So, into the books these descriptions went.
This week, working with someone on my manuscript, Next Stop, Chancey, she said she thought my descriptions of outside settings was wonderful. She actually named some published authors and said mine were better than theirs.
Wow - isn't it amazing what validation will do for you? My confidence in my gift soared. To know the passages that were some of my favorite are thought good by someone with real knowledge of the craft was probably the best gift I'll get this Christmas (except for a daughter-in-law).
Like while walking in mud, to suddenly find solid rock beneath my feet.
I hope I don't pass up the opportunities given me to sincerely validate those around me. Not empty flattery, but true awareness of a gift being used, and made the most of.


Jodie said...

Awesome post, Kay. Love how God sends just what we need exactly when we need it.

Kay Dew Shostak said...

So true, Jodie. Like our friendship. Who would've thought we'd progress beyond me stalking you!

Chris and Chuck Keith said...

Good post today. It is always a challenge to look for the true gifts. It means you have to be really present to your relationships. Definitely something to strive for.

Kay Dew Shostak said...

So true, Chris. I love how you put things.

cutegothgirl said...

looking for a good blog is this one good and user friendly ? i just wish i could meet some ppl who dnt judge me :(

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Hey cutegothgirl - btw, love your "name".
I'd love you to check out my blog and hopefully not feel judged inappropriately. I know my blog is easy to use, whether it's good is up for you to decide. As for not being judged - it would be hard to judge you as I don't know you. I like that you are willing to try looking for worthwhile things (like blogs) to add to your life. I like that you're reaching out to others for understanding. And as for judging, we all do it, whether it's judging between chocolate or vanilla ice cream. It's taking our past experiences and making a decision - we all however can choose how much we will let other's judgements rule us and have power over us. I'm very overweight and I can either pay attention to the obvious, and correct, judgement of me and let it hold me back - or move on choosing to pay attention to the people who think I'm a good, worthwhile, fun person. Its all a choice. Hope to hear from you again!