Thursday, December 3, 2009

Publix Intimidates Me

Publix grocery stores intimidate me. I feel like an employee in their green apron is going to step away from the eggs cartons they're stacking and give me a pop quiz. Or when I ask the guy at the seafood counter for a pound of shrimp, he's going to point at them and ask me to name the body of water they came from. Or how I'm going to cook them, to see if it's acceptable. Even the kids bagging groceries make me feel insecure.
Yet, I've known many folks who work there and they are all nice. And I've never, never been treated badly at Publix. I admit that it's all in my head.
I usually shop at Kroger where I feel at home. Where I think I probably know as much as the folks working there. Again, the Kroger employees have always been knowledgeable and professional - it's all in my head. And, yet, I one time had a friend admit to the same feelings, so I'm not completely alone.
Most people who have preferences around here prefer Publix, because, as their advertising jingle says, "It's where shopping is a pleasure." Good ad, because when I do go into Publix, I feel like it's more fun, than serious.
Now, I can go into the fanciest department store or exclusive food shoppe and be comfortable as can be. So, it's not that kind of intimidation. No, it's something I felt the first times I went grocery shopping after moving here. But I bet the marketers of the two store chains know all about this and do what they do on purpose.
We're not all looking for the same thing or same experience. There are reasons we shop where we shop, eat what we eat, dress how we dress and many times - I don't think we know why. It's just something we feel comfortable with. I need to remember that - I'm too quick to think if someone doesn't do things the way I do them, they are deficient. I'm too quick to think - and judge. Too quick, entirely.
And if you've ever been given a pop quiz at Publix, please let me know. I'm just sure they do that.

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