Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where were YOU for Y2K?

Eleven years ago we were getting ready to move from Northern Illinois to our current home in Marietta, Georgia. We'd made the decision to relocated with Mike's company in July, but told Robert if he made the Jr. High basketball team we would wait until the end of the season to move. Our move date was Jan. 22 - Lizzy's 8th birthday. So July to January - it was a verrrry long goodbye.
Our house in Illinois was an old farm house, and had at one time been a stage coach stop. It was a small two story farm house on a couple acres. Nothing fancy - the kind of farm house with no upstairs bathroom and lots of years and owners to mess things up.
We lived on a gravel road and were across the street from the elementary school, which had 152 kids in grades K-6. On the other corner was our little church, Wilton Center Federated Church. The Methodist and American Baptist church had joined to survive 75 years earlier. It was a real lesson on differentiating tradition and sacred practices. Amazing how quickly we substitute them for each other, but that's another blog. We lived in our little township of Wilton Center for ten years.
Now for a blast from the past - eleven years ago when we put our farmhouse on the market it was advertised as a "Y2K house". Remember that? Y2K - the fear, the new jobs (both my brothers made lots of money doing freelance computer work for the banks and one still works for a bank), the excitement of living in the 2000's, partying like it was 1999. And now it is all a decade old.
Ten years is a big chunk of life, and it flew by for me. However, when I think of all the people and places and memories it's hard to imagine they all fit in only ten calendars.
A new decade starts this week. Who and what will fill it? I can't hardly wait to see!

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