Monday, May 3, 2010

Give that Ego a Rest

"And if the President dies, there will be a new one in a couple minutes." Mama would say that when we got to thinking ourselves indispensable at whatever we were doing. It's a good thing to remember because I think we tend to wrap ourselves up in our activities, forgetting that they'll go on without us. "There wasn't one train that didn't run when I left the railroad," is how Mike says it.
But that appreciation for the fact that life DOES go on, means my ego takes a hit. However, it also gives us the opportunity to straighten up our priorities.
This past week, was rather discombobulating. Mike didn't go to work, we made arrangements at a moments notice for us to fly to Philly, got the kids together to drive to Philly, got hotel rooms, made sure we all had funeral clothes and in general, dropped our normal lives with a phone call.
And here we are on another Monday morning, our normal lives back securely in our hands - and the world didn't skip a beat. To hold life loosely, to understand there are more important places for me to be at times, than the places I'm expected. To say, "I don't know" and rest easy with that because we're not meant to know it all on earth. Or as Steven Curtis Chapman wrote:
God is God and I am not
I can only see a part of the picture He’s painting
God is God and I am man
So I’ll never understand it all
For only God is God
So, relax your grip on your life today and give your ego a rest. Lord knows, mine needs one.


Anonymous said...

Spot on, Kay!

Katie Turner said...

Mmmm... yes. The world doesn't need us to continue functioning. It would do just fine without us. God just lets us be a part of it for some reason. =)