Friday, May 21, 2010

God: The Monkey Exterminator

My daughter-in-law-to-be just sat a cup of coffee down beside me, without me even asking for it. Now, I had put the pot of coffee on, so assuming I wanted some wasn't a stretch. I told her "thanks" and she said, "Well you take it black (plain, nothing added) so it would've been too rude of me to pour mine and not pour you one when it's so easy." My son said, "That's why it's good to take it black."
And truly, ease for myself is one of the reasons I started drinking it plain many years ago.
So, being easy helped me out this morning.
Being easy to work with was talked about at the conference:
Agents are leery of high maintenance clients.
Readers want an author they have easy access to.
Make it easy for folks to help you market your book.
Clear writing means it's easy for a reader to get sucked into your book.
But sometimes trying to be easy means I end up carrying around other people's monkeys on MY back. And there are some folks who seek high and low for folks to carry their monkeys. So, how do I be easy, but not end up with a load of other folks' monkeys?
Discernment and wisdom. And I get those two things from God, so staying in close contact with God is essential for me to remain monkey free.
Do you think God has ever been called "a monkey exterminator?"
Didn't think so.

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Jodie said...

Great post. True and TIMELY (for me, anyway... needed to hear that). Hope conference was awesome for you! Thanks for the words yesterday. Clearly, I needed that too. I was carrying someone else's monkey... :-)