Monday, May 10, 2010

What Color was your Weekend?

Kaleidoscope. That word keeps coming to me as I try to think back over this weekend. A beautiful mixture of places and peoples. Predominate colors in my kaleidoscope would be yellow, green and blue - with dashes of bright pink.
Green is the many rolling hills and bountiful trees we saw driving between Milledgeville & Marietta on Friday bring home stuff from Lizzy's dorm and between Athens and Marietta as we went to graduation for Robert and Carrie. Green surrounded us on Carrie and Robert's porch as we ate BBQ chicken and visited at the celebration afterwards. Full limbs danced in the breeze yesterday as we enjoyed Mother's Day lunch on the deck and as Lizzy and I planted flowers in the back yard.
Yellow painted over each day as sunshine found us wherever we traveled. Light, almost white-yellow found us in the 90 degree heat at Lizzy's dorm. But by Saturday the sunlight was golden-yellow, warm, but bounced around by the breeze. Yellow is my favorite color, so when people laugh I see yellow--and there is quite a bit of laughter in my weekend's kaleidoscope.
Blue? The sky, our church sanctuary, and the peacock blue on Robert and Carrie's master's hood worn over their black robes.
And splotches of bright pink are the surges of happiness that happened at will all weekend. Those same type surges this morning as I remember make my kaleidoscope spin, just like you make the colors dance in a kaleidoscope held in your hand.
So when you look back over your weekend - what are the colors which made it up?
What a beautiful, and fun, way to reexamine life!

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