Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Picture Album for Bedtime

Some days are so filled with real moments that I wish the day was taped. That way I could go back and review to get a clearer picture. Today was one of those days.
Nothing monumental, just a full day.
I'm writing this late Tuesday night to post Wednesday morning. The day starts early and there won't be time to gather my thoughts. Plus, I'm feeling the need to gather them before I lay down.
But as I sit here and attempt to gather my thoughts in a neat bouquet to examine at will, they float and meander and surprise me - completely not cooperating with being coerced into submission.
What a delight! To lay in bed surrounded by the pictures, sounds, emotions of a full day when people have touched my life, and I've been honored in being allowed to touch others lives.
To have learned and been expanded. To have talked and been heard. To watch connections being made, friendships began, horizons lit.
Visiting, breaking bread, sharing at the table over sausage biscuits or grilled chicken or vegetable lasagna.
To live the day with people and then relive the day with the memories of those people.
Try it, today, create a memory picture album to reexamine, page by page, as you drift off to sleep.

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