Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life in a Commercial

So here it is almost 4 pm and I'm finally getting around to writing today's blog. I had an early appointment, a full slate of errands and then lunch with some friends. A loooonnnnggg lunch - the best kind.
We sat outside in a courtyard with a border of gardenia bushes which smelled heavenly. The food was delicious, company comfortable and talk sustaining. And there was much laughter.
One time, when we were newlyweds in Jacksonville, Florida, we were invited to some friends home to watch the Super Bowl. They lived in a town home community and their town home backed up to a little lake. As the sun sunk in the sky, I wandered onto the deck to watch the colors of the sky mirror themselves in the still water. Then I turned and looked inside at the gathering. Friends laughed and ate, pointing at the TV with fistfuls of chips or half a hoagie in mid-air. And I thought of how it looked like a commercial.
Mike has a saying, "If only life was like it is in the beer commercials." At that moment I realized we were living a moment someone could make a commercial of. So I've watched for those "commercial" moments in my life. They happen more often than you might think.
Snapshots of our lives - a moment captured - they don't tell the whole story or let us see behind the scenes but sometimes we need to be happy with the moment. Just be happy with the moment.
A slate patio, bright umbrellas, old trees and gardenias - a memory worth making. Or like my friend Stephanie's song - maybe these are just "Moments of Grace".

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