Monday, May 24, 2010

Stepping Into - what does that mean?

How are you at "stepping out"? As in stepping out of your comfort zone? Facing new challenges. Reorienting your way of thinking. Taking risks. Laughing at the fear and distrust others caution you with.
I'm pretty good with it. Stepping out, that is. And usually that's enough. Step out, let things happen, sink or swim--enjoy the ride. There's the first moments of decision making as I step out, but then it's fairly passive. Like getting onto a roller coaster. Once you're there, and buckled in, you're riding the roller coaster wherever it goes.
What I'm in the midst of discovering about myself is the stepping out is where I stop. Where I tend to stay. I don't take the next step - Stepping Into.
I don't know what that exactly means. Like I said, I'm in the midst of this discovery. But what does it mean to you? Do you see the difference? Does anything in your life come to mind? Perhaps a time in your life when stepping out AND stepping into were asked of you?
Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!


Cassidy said...

I LOVE this post Kay...Stepping Out, Stepping In. I know what you mean about stepping out but never stepping in...that was who I was for many, many years. I could easily step outside the norm, point in a different direction from others, but never fully commit to taking the next 'step'. Now I am the one who finds comfort in Stepping Out & Stepping In to that uncharted path. That path is rarely taken but yeilds beautiful fruit IF you have the courage and faith to travel it. I wish you luck in your journey to Stepping In, though as an author I am quite certain you have already taken that step but have not recognized it for what it is. You are already a leader, you are already living outside the box & everyday you are 'Stepping In'.

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Thanks so much for your thoughts, Cassidy - you say that so well. Have you thought about being a writer? LOL And thanks for the encouragement! Thrilled to have you for a friend.

Aggi Stevenson said...

Yes Kay I can see you stepping out. You stepped "out" at the first conference we attended together and befriended me. And you have been stepping "in" ever since.
Your blog posts usually hit me in the head, heart or funny bone and I love them all!
I marveled at you at the last writer's conference. You step out and step into the lives of others with such ease and grace that you don't realize you are taking both those steps at once.
The recipients of your love and wisdom feel God sent you just to them.
You step "out" and take time to listen to others when there is a hectic schedule before you. You step "in" and encourage everyone you meet. I am a better person for knowing you.
You sure stepped into my heart and what you gave me no one can ever take away.
May I refer to the other post about being grouchy? You deserve to be grouchy sometimes. I think you get grouchy when there is no one around for you to work your magic on and make them a better person.