Friday, March 12, 2010


Daffodils are my favorite flower. Yellow is my favorite color, a lot due to daffodils, I think. The smell of daffodils is my favorite flower smell. Nothing else smells like it. Yesterday I walked into Kroger to pick up a few things to make some guacamole for Robert and Carrie - and Kroger had daffodils! Five bunches for $10. You can't always get daffodils at the store or even at a florist. I know because the times Mike has tried he always tells me and then, sweet guy that he is, he buys some other kind of yellow flowers. So, it was a special blessing to find daffodils and now they sit in several vases around the house. They opened this morning and are absolutely gorgeous. One bunch is right here beside my laptop.
Speaking of guacamole - used my friend Stephanie's recipe. Robert and Carrie loved it and it was perfect to snack on during the Tennessee basketball game yesterday afternoon. Did you know that all these regional tournaments are their own cinderella story? March Madness is all about the national tournament, to which 64 teams are invited. They all have a shot at winning the national title. And no matter how bad your season was, if you win your conferences tourney (and everyone gets to play in their conference tourney) then you are invited to be one of the 64 teams. So everybody went into these area tourneys with the chance to be the National Champion.
Speaking of Robert and Carrie - they are on Spring Break - their last. Oh well, it happens. They're in town because the kids all are taking us out tonight for our Anniversary, which is next week on St. Patrick's day. Lizzy will be home later today for the first time since we took her to GCSU in January.
Speaking of Spring Break and our Anniversary and St. Patrick's Day and March Madness and Daffodils reminds me how much I love this time of year.
What are your favorite parts of early Spring?

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Anonymous said...

Spring? Hmmm, I love it because it's still cool enough to sit outside on our patio. When summer hits along with the triple digits, we desert dwellers migrate indoors to stay cool. LOL.

And, I love that the sun rises earlier, making the day longer!