Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just do it

You know what they say about patience . . .
Don't pray for it because the only way God can teach you about it is to give you something to be patient about.
Well, I think the same is true for obedience. There's only one way to learn it, by doing it. There seems to be two kinds of obedience. One is where the outcome is fairly assured. This is the kind of obedience we teach our kids. Action and outcome are tied together. It's not 100% failproof, but the system works. You may study and fail a test, but in the long run, study=success.
And then God tries to get us to grow up. He desires a more mature understanding of obedience. Where action and outcome are not related. Or at least it's not evident. And even when something good happens in relation to the obedient act, there's still a distance. It's Obedience for Obedience's sake.
There's a part of me that wants to tie my daily writing of this blog to an outcome. Because if I do that, it's easier to do everyday. However, God gently reminds me he has promised no outcome. I am not allowed to put words in his mouth. Even if it would help me in the imediate.
Now, there have been good things due to my writing it and I do enjoy the blog - but I have to resist making my obedience in this about an outcome. It's about learning to be obedient despite weariness, frustration, lack of anything whatsoever to write, and the feeling of complete idiocy at thinking I have something worth writing every day.
However God whispers, "Just do it. Put your fingers on the keyboard." And that simple act of obedience makes all the difference in my day, my life.
Is God whispering to you? Is he wanting to teach you this kind of obedience? Don't think of it as God playing with you or testing you, realize he's calling you to grow up and get closer to him. So give it a try. Quit looking for outcomes. Quit looking for reasons. Quit looking for a way to explain it to your friends and family.
In other words: Just do it.


Katie Turner said...

Beautifully spoken. =)

Anonymous said...

Great post. Yeah, I totally hear ya. I have a friend, and she was talking about something and told her I'd pray for patience for her. She nearly shrieked. "No! No!" Because she knew, if you ask for it, you'll get it.

Heck, you're gonna get it anyway, so why not ask, right? LOL.

Nice post. Got me thinking.

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Thanks Katie and Lynn! So awesome to get both of your thoughts. Like daffodils blooming on a gray day!