Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kindergarten Teachers and Agents

Lizzy was born in January 1991 in Joliet, Illinois. We brought her home to Ryan who was 2 1/2 and Robert who was 4 1/2. The following August, Robert started kindergarten. My overwhelming feeling at the time was that for the first time ever, someone else was taking responsibility for him. Of course, Mike, was responsible for him and at Sunday School he was in a class, or he stayed with grandparents occasionally. But on a daily basis, 24/7, he'd been my charge. My responsibility. It felt strange to hand him over to someone else. Very strange and - - discombobulating.
Those feelings came back to me last night.
I've spent eleven years sending my writing out into the world for people to read. I've mailed it snail mail, I've emailed it, I've entered contests, I've promoted it on facebook & twitter, I've put it in a blog -you get the picture - it's out there.
Then yesterday my agent sent me a copy of the proposal they are sending out to try and get a publisher interested.
Woah, someone else is responsible for my writing. It no longer rests in my hands alone. Just like with Robert, he remained my "job", my responsibility - but others were now involved in how he grew. Reading the proposal was like seeing the book I've lived with for thousands of hours, through someone else's eyes. Someone who cares, is positive, and wants to help my book be the best it can.
Are you holding on to something that is ready to move into the world? It is a rough world out there and our precious things can get knocked around. However, there are people out there waiting, and wanting, to help.
Like Kindergarten Teachers and Agents.

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