Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Easily Amused is Not All Bad

North Georgia College is starting late today due to the snow. Sitting with Mike this morning having coffee I read that announcement as it scrolled across the screen with the other school closings. And I realized something - We say North Georgia and South Georgia - but Northern Illinois and Southern Illinois. Try it - North Illinois, North Massachusetts, North Virginia, North California. Doesn't work. Or Northern Mississippi or Northern Alabama.
Works for East and West, too. East Tennessee - fine, East Pennsylvania - not fine.
So what's up with that? Is it just a regional thing? Seems to be regional to a certain degree.
Now, to wrap all that up into some deep thought, touching story, or fun idea to round out this morning's blog. . .
Okay, nothing's coming. I'm still trying out different states in my head. Plus, it's snowing really hard outside and I want to go stare out the window.
So, what I want to know is did you know that about the North/Northern thing? Let me know if you did. I'm fairly amazed about it - luckily I enjoy being amazed by not much of anything.

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