Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ready to be Scandalized?!?

Talked on the phone to a lot of folks yesterday who called to wish us Happy Anniversary. Talked to Mama a really long time and it was so satisfying and relaxing and fun. I know, I know - I'm very blessed. Also talked to all three kids and caught up on Lizzy's schedule for next semester, Ryan's job interviews, and the grad school conference Robert is in charge of. Talked for a long time to friends - about nothing much but catching up on our lives. Even been on the phone with a friend already this morning.
I do love to talk with people. Hearing their stories, seeing what they catch in my stories. The give and take of conversation. I always fear I talk too much and I try to shut up, but doesn't always work-oh well.
Have you noticed how some people don't ask questions in a conversation? They never seem curious about what other people are doing. Wonder if they really don't understand how that makes the other people feel?
One of my favorite parts of writing for the paper was the permission it gave me to ask people questions. Truly, I am curious. Helps so much with my writing because wanting to know what makes people tick helps with creating characters. A friend who was going through a horrific divorce situation use to say she was going to write a book called, "The Soaps Ain't Got Nothing On Me." Mama use to say people think the soap opera's are wild, but they're nothing compared to real life.
But I think a lot of people think real life is too yucky to get involved with. Try it - start asking questions of people around you and see what your limit on other people's lives & info is. You might be amazed at what you learn.
You might even be scandalized! Wouldn't that be awesome!

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