Friday, March 5, 2010

Seeing with Fresh Eyes

Talking to Mama a couple weeks ago she asked if we were going to move my office upstairs now that we have all these empty rooms.
What a silly question.
I said, "No" and wondered at why she even thought of that. Then last week, sitting at my desk downstairs and trying to make it so the little heater warms all of me instead of scorching only my ankles, I remembered that the upstairs is heated. Hmmm. . . And there is the room with the twin bed and view of the front yard and the sky and trees. Hmmm. . . And in the summer there's air conditioning and bright light all year and Hmmm. . .
Looking at the real estate ad this weekend, I thought, "What if we had just moved into this house? Me and Mike, not with the 3 kids. How would it be set up differently?" My whole perspective changed. We'd do things very differently. So, last night Mike moved my desk and computer and junk upstairs. It's so awesome.
Now I'm thinking - What else in my life is set up to satisfy needs which are long gone? I guess the cereal being in a low cabinet so the kids can reach it isn't needed anymore. They're all taller than me. That sounds like an easy one, but I just now realized it.
What in our lives has been outlived, but we continue to live it? Ways of thinking? Habits?
Where do I need to look with fresh eyes? I want to question myself more. What keeps me from doing this already? How do I miss so much?
Lord, let me see my life with fresh eyes. Let me be open to change and new thoughts. As Spring brings newness, let me be renewed and refreshed and ready. -Amen


Anonymous said...

Wow. Loved this post. I liked when you said, "What else in my life is set up to satisfy needs which are long gone?"

So true. Now, I never had kids or anything, so mine was in relation to my "past life" of speed skating.

Yep. I had a wall covered with my racing photos and medals to keep me motivated, encouraged, and hopeful.

I haven't been skating in years. . . so, just recently I took it down and started putting up writing related things.

A writers poem written by Debby Giusti is up there now, along with some awards and my agent offer letter and book contract stuff. . . To keep me motivated and encouraged.

I hope your new office works for you. I bet it's just great!! You should post some pictures of the view. :-)

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Very cool, Lynn - so you were a speed skater. I don't think I've ever known a speed skater before. And I do like the idea of even the things on the wall sometimes needing to be updated, changed, at least thought about. And you've given me some ideas about what to put up in my new office!