Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Me and My Excuses are Tight!

Here we were cruising towards Spring. We knew it wasn't flip flop weather yet, but unburying them from the back of the closet was a good idea--just to be ready. Picking up some chicken for the grill seemed like a good idea and flower pots could be moved to their places.
Then yesterday we got almost four inches of snow here in Georgia.
I didn't get any writing done yesterday. The snow discombobulated me - even sitting with my back to the window, the snow fell so fast and the flakes were so big, the reflection in my computer screen looked like I was in a snow globe! So, I took off the day from writing to enjoy the weather.
So what was my excuse for not writing on Monday? I don't remember now, but I'm sure I had one.
You've heard of having a "come to Jesus meeting"? That's when you lay all the cards on the table between you and another person. Me and God had one of those this morning. I laid out all my cards (excuses) on the table and he, well, he just thought it was funny. He was trying not to laugh out loud, but I've sat across from my kids when they've laid their woes out and I recognized that pinched eyebrow, tight mouth and merry eyes that holds back pure laughter. Really? This is really all you've got?
God doesn't dismiss my excuses or make me feel stupid. It's just when I get them all laid out in front of him -they don't look so imposing, so overwhelming. Matter of fact, getting them all laid out makes them look, well, manageable. Doable. Okay, downright weak.
Left on my own, I can do magic. Small things become humongous! It's truly amazing and awe inspiring - but has nothing to do with reality. Folks not familiar with God may find him vague and elusive. But God is truth and spending a little time with him makes reality come into focus.
So I'm starting my day with a list. A list of all the little things I need to get out of my head and into my past. Make that call, schedule that appointment, finish that job.
But, then what will I do without all my excuses? Oh, yeah - write.


Anonymous said...

Great post. I sometimes wonder how often God smiles or gives out a frustrated chuckle at my lame excuses.


I seem to find them so easily, too.

Write on, Kay.

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Thanks, Lynn. I'm on the phone with my last "excuse". Of course I'm on hold. Then - writing here I come!