Monday, June 21, 2010

But No One Will Notice

Yesterday's blog got me to thinking. It ended with this quote from Beth Moore. "One day at the task God has personally assigned only you is better than a thousand days at someone else's."
For me, yesterday, this meant writing/editing on my book. Maybe for you it meant what you do all day, whether it's a job or a ministry. But what I got to thinking about is all those things that are personally assigned to us that we don't always think of as a calling.
Like being Mike's wife. No one else has been given that assignment. It's all mine - but do I act like it's a calling? What about being mother to my kids? Friend to my friends? Caretaker of my garden? Creator of meals? Buyer of groceries? Welcomer of new employees? Aid to those around me? Peacemaker in the midst of turmoil? Bringer of joy? Bringer of common sense?
What tasks has God "personally assigned" which I slough off as unimportant? Too little? Too much like busy work? And how many of those tasks will go undone if I don't do them?
Look back at the list I made above of potential tasks. Will it matter if they are left undone or done half-heartedly? Will anyone notice? Will God even notice?
But then, what blessing might be mixed up in those unimportant tasks? What point of growth will I miss, or have to get somewhere else? What all will slip through the cracks? Who all will slip through the cracks? Is it such a little thing to ignore the little, or mundane, tasks God asks us to do?
Lots of question marks this morning.


Rob said...

Our culture (which worships the individual) teaches us that we make our own choices without any regard to discernment. Therefore the notion of a "calling" only really applies to religious professionals. It is an unfortunate thing, because at our Baptism we are all called. Whatever we do we do for the Lord. How much happier people would be if they answered their call, instead of applying for a job.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Great post. Got me thinking. . .