Thursday, June 17, 2010

Set Free! Woo Hoo!

About to get everyone squared away. The honeymooners will be coming by the house this afternoon to pick up a few things (and maybe hit the pool) and then they'll drive to their house in LaGrange tonight. Robert and Carrie are moved in and he starts his new job Monday. Our house is pretty much back to normal (except for the familyroom full of wedding presents, but they're headed south soon.) Mike is into a new project at work. Lizzy is into her summer routine of classes and Monday I'm back to the writing life and starting edits on the book finished last month. So - like I said, about to get everyone squared away.
Last night a good friend reached a massive milestone, Rob was ordained as a Elder in the United Methodist Church. We went to Athens to celebrate the event and on top of the fellowship and celebratory service, we got to hear an amazing sermon by Bishop Watson. It was a joyous sermon about being "set free" to be ministers, pointed at those being honored on the stage, but also meant for all of us in attendance. He pointed out the men and women who are paid by their churches are paid so they are "set free" to do the ministry of the church. How cool is that? But what the bishop's words wakened in me is that I'm called to not be burdened by ministry but to throw off the burdens the world entices me to take on, so I'm "set free" to be God's hands and feet. Too many times I turn that around - the duties of the world become my "life" and my ministry becomes a duty.
Life (in the form of a wedding, graduations, children moving, etc...) has swelled to a crescendo recently and it's been a blast. But, as I said - we're about to get everyone squared away and I will be "set free" to get back on the path God's laid out for me.
How about you? What are you "set free" to do? And do you realize it?

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