Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trafficking in People

Two ladies are on my mind this morning. One is German and was raised in Venezuela. The other has just retired from teaching Art History at several universities around the nation. Both are well-read and well-traveled and I got to meet them because they came to our book discussion group at church last night.
To me it was like receiving a gift and I just kept thinking about them last night. I know someone who taught Art History at the university level. I know someone raised in Venezuela. And they both loooooovvvvveeee books. Just like me! We clicked and probably could've talked all night - but then finding someone who I'd love to talk to all night isn't that unusual.
A week or so ago I wrote a blog on how Time is a commodity I trade in. Well, I just realized I also trade in people. And maybe that has to do with having the time to find out about the people around me. But I find the lives all around me are treasure-filled. And it costs so little to mine that treasure - and then it's mine - forever.
Do the people you meet fill you up? Do they serve as spring boards for your imagination? your curiosity? Sometimes I get so focused on the junk already in my head that I let the most interesting things, and people, pass right by.
But not today.
Hey, did I tell you I know a professor of Art History and native of Venezuela?

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