Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Swimming in Time. You?

I like planning. I like looking through cookbooks to determine what I'll make for a special event. I like reading magazines for ideas for an outing or entertaining. I like making lists of ingredients to buy and then putting those ingredients together. I like the anticipation of special times.
This week is full of that type of thing and I'm so enjoying it. And the best part is having the time to do all this. Time - that's the commodity I trade in.
I've been a stay at home mom for 24 years now. Sure, I've had jobs, some part-time, some not so part-time. I've had volunteer jobs that took up huge amounts of time and brain power. But my main job has been here at home.
Understood in that decision was that certain commodities folks trade in would be scarce. Such as money - which includes - big vacations, new cars, fancy clothes. At parties I was short on impressive titles, work chit chat, and celebration of achievements understood in big people world. But being the "glass half-full" kind of person I am - I realized I swam in a commodity the world hungered for - TIME.
And so I flaunted it - reading, gardening, painting my fingernails, being in book clubs, inviting folks over for coffee, letting the kids have friends over all the time, writing. See - out and out flaunting of my richness.
So - what commodity do you have that doesn't fit into traditional thinking?
And do you swim in it, or dismiss it?

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