Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do You Like Baloney?

We're headed to the coast for a few days. It's a railroad business conference at Jekyll Island, Georgia and we'll be staying at the historic Jekyll Island Club. I can't wait to smell the ocean and sand. That was one of my biggest problem with living in the center of the country - the coasts were just too far away. The coasts and everything they are. Sun, light, loose clothing, seafood, wind, warmth, sand, sunglasses - love it all.
And do I hate what the oil spill is doing to the coasts? Absolutely. Just like I hate what cars do to those in car accidents or what happens when a child is lost because of just a moments inattention from a caring parent. Accidents happen and people are hurt all the time. Now, if the accident can be avoided - like a surgical mistake, or a car part failing, or a driver drinking - then the hurt is so much deeper. But nevertheless, we live in a world where accidents happen and our world is damaged.
But we go on.
I believe we hurt ourselves, and especially our children, when we act as if we can control everything. If we are diligent enough there will be no pain. That is a lie that was first told in a garden. The lie is that it is possible for us to be God. It is possible for us to be in control and there will be no accidents. There will be no unintended consequences. Everything will make sense.
Baloney. Pure and simple baloney.
But baloney sells to a people desiring to be God. So where in my life do I want to be God? What, or who, in my life do I want to control? When do I fool myself into believing I can prevent accidents or nature? Where am I selling myself a big ol' serving of baloney?
How about you? Lovin' you a baloney sandwich for lunch?

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