Friday, June 18, 2010

Muddy Water in my Veins

Muddy water came up in a conversation over the wedding weekend. Mike's sister and her husband live in Boston. They flew to Charlotte, where they have a motorcycle in storage, and then they drove through the mountains to the wedding. They told us how they saw a lake or two that was clear - unlike most the lakes in the south they'd seen. They have a house in Lake Winnepausaukee in New Hampshire and it's a clear blue. Well, first we all had to think about it and then slowly, agree. Lakes in the south do tend to be muddy looking. As lakes should be, in my humble opinion.
However, those lakes up north which are crystal clear are also crystal cold.
To me lake water is supposed to be muddy and fishy and warm. (Of course a lot of the lake water in Florida is clear, but it's also orange.) When we lived in northern Illinois I tried to swim in Lake Michigan - but it was freezing (the locals there call it "brisk").
The smell of warm lake water will never be a scent sold at Yankee Candle, but it's a favorite of mine. The smell of dirt, wetness, fish, boat exhaust and warmth. And yes, warmth has a smell. It's the smell of little boy sweat.
I love the warm, muddy waters of the South.
Anybody else feeling an uncontrollable desire to go on a picnic? I'll bring the pimento cheese.

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