Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Disillusioned? That's a Good thing!

Ever been disillusioned? Someone, or something, turned out to not be what you thought they were? And you'd put trust in them being as advertised? Yeah, me too. Left me feeling betrayed and frustrated. Every time it chips away at my trust reserve.
Talking about being disillusioned with a friend yesterday (Hi, Renee) she told me of a spin a pastor once put on disillusionment for her. He told her disillusionment is a good thing and not to be avoided because it means we're being delivered from illusion. How cool is that? Delivered from illusion.
When I seek to live a truthful life, then the places where things are not as they appear, not truthful, those places are going to glow as if on fire. They should stand out in a landscape of honesty. And often they do, but looking at it full on doesn't always appeal to me. So, I only take glances at it and try to keep it out of my line of sight. And thus I choose to live in illusion.
Now, as you read that didn't you think of someone you know who is doing that very thing? Yeah, me too. Because seeing where others are disillusioned is soooo much easier than looking at myself. But I'm going to try and embrace being dis-illusioned (maybe writing it like that will help.)
I love when a spin on something resonates in me and speaks truth in my life. Thanks, Renee.


Renee said...

You're welcome, Kay! Always ready and willing to help someone experience disillusionment. haha.

Aggi said...

Thank you for your blog on disallusionment Kay. Yes. Renee really hit the nail on the head, didn't she?
You said you felt a blog coming on...I knew it would be good.
Disallusionment is a good thing!
Hurts at first but then when you shake free from it, you wonder what took you so long. After all, like you said...we see it but we ignore it until it gets too big to ignore.
Well let's mark this as another great blog on Tuesdays with Kay.

Marti Pieper said...

I had never equated disillusionment with denial, but when we choose to hold onto it, it becomes that.

The more mature (read "older") I get, the more convinced I am that light and truth are good things. One reveals; the other sets free. Maybe if I listened to Jesus more I'd experience fewer moments of, umm, dis-illusionment.


Kay Dew Shostak said...

Thanks Ladies - when three insightful writers and people as yourselves find something in my blog - It Just Makes My Day!