Monday, June 14, 2010

Closing the Box

What an amazing weekend we had. Some observations:
Rehearsal dinner Friday night - How happy having Mike's sister and brother in law dropping in on their way from Boston made me. Driving back to Marietta that night and how nice it was to hear Lizzy and Michael chatting in the backseat. Loved the shirt I wore and so glad I chose it - and my hair did great, too. Getting a sideways hug instigated by my new daughter-in-law's brother - what a joy.
Wedding Day - The swell of emotion as guests and family arrived at the church. Prayer with the girls in the wedding party before walking down the aisle. Being served communion by our newly married son and his wife. Getting to serve communion to the wedding guests. Wonderful, wonderful experience. Ryan being incapable of not smiling! Slow dancing with Mike. Sitting out on the deck until 2 am with out of town guests.
Sunday - lying in the pool with two old friends who knew me when I was a new wife and then a new mom. And still really liking them. Having the guys join us after they went rail fanning around the train tracks in the area.
Today - relaxing in a jumble of a house as our guests go their separate ways. Appreciating a quickly emptying refrigerator. Hearing that the honeymooners are out and about enjoying Gatlinburg.
Thank you for endulging me and letting my memories find a sounding board here. They are still unformed and swimming around in wild abandon. What a blessing to have this blog which allows - or forces - me to put things down in black and white. As our final guests prepare to leave this afternoon, the wedding happenings are coming to an end and the last flap is being closed on the box holding it all.
What a beautiful armful of memories and joy and grace this weekend creates. To grasp a bit of life, hold it and really see is a special delight God allows us. I plan on enjoying that ability thoroughly this week.


Montyne said...

A beautiful snapshot of a beautiful life. Thanks for sharing, Kay.

Kay Dew Shostak said...

Aww - thanks so much, Montyne. Means alot coming from you. Let's get together soon.