Thursday, April 22, 2010

Growing Up

Remember when you discovered you weren't going to get all the answers? When college, or being on your own, or a first job, or a lifetime love would put the world in your hand and then, then you'd be ready. Ready to be a grown up. And then someone turned things around and you felt less certain than ever before. A job loss, a love lost, boring days, sleepless nights, illness, or doubt crept in and you felt more like that little kid scared of the dark than ever before. What happened to finally being the adult? The one with the power to make things better?
A friend on the verge of graduating from college boiled it down to one statement on his facebook status this morning, "What if everything I think I know is wrong???"
Here was my comment to him:

"What I've learned is that growing older and wiser means having less answers and being less certain. You depend more and more on today, this moment, what I know right now and realize the future has less answers than you always imagined. Gratitude becomes the solid place to stand and the confidence you imagined came with age, is more elusive than ever. Wisdom is the constant realization you just might be wrong about everything, but what if you're not? And then you get it - "And the greatest of these is Love." So you love, laugh, forgive, and trust and the more childlike you become the better, and wiser, you grow."

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Katie Turner said...

mmm yes... my experience with growing up so far (i've still got a long way to go!) is that I have absoultely no clue what I'm doing. I thought once I got to college I would have it all together. But what I've learned is the more I learn... the less I know. I have learned two wonderful truths though:

1. I've got a God bigger than this world and bigger than all the constant change and disappointments and doubt.

2. I am a beautiful mess and always will be until I make it to heaven.


Love ya!