Monday, April 5, 2010

Wave Forecast

So Easter is over. There's that whole 40 day Lent period which some years just flies by for me, but not this year. This year the cold, gray weather seemed to stretch and flat-line somewhere around the end of February. Reminded me of the pictures of a tsunami where the water just keeps pulling back and pulling back and all the time you know it has to come roaring back sometime.
Well, sometime finally came and the wave of all that is Easter weekend arrived.
Facebook tickles me with how so many folks I know are doing the same thing. (Making potato salad seemed to be a popular activity Saturday.) There were lots of family gatherings, cute little girls in bright colored dresses, flowers and ham. Desserts got special mention, from Sour Cream Poundcake to Lemon Meringue pies they all sounded wonderful.
So this morning, I took a look out across the horizon for the next tidal wave and while the water level will remain high until Ryan and Casey's wedding in June - it's a pretty steady and spaced out wave forecast.
Wedding showers, graduations, conferences, short trips form a steady, wave-upon-wave pattern.
Does anyone else map out their calendar like this? Look for patterns and anticipate lulls or high action times? It really affects my mind set and well-being. Something about scaning the horizon like a lighthouse keeper with binoculars, helps me enjoy what's right at my feet.
However, I'm a little surprised at how intentional I seem to be about this. What about you?

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