Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Peter Shostak, my Father-in-law

Thinking about my father-in-law this morning I remembered how funny he could be. Problem is, it usually wasn't intentional.
There was the time we were at a Chinese restaurant in China town with all the kids. That was one place we always went when we were in Philadelphia. Anyway, someone asked for an egg roll and Grandad threw it across the table! And it wasn't like he was joking or messing around, he didn't do that. He just tossed an egg roll.
Or the time we were having breakfast here and he looked at Ryan and asked if he was still playing the trumpet in the band. Ryan played the cello in the orchestra.
But what stands out most in my memory is how hard he laughed -- at himself.
He would laugh so hard that he would have tears in his eyes and so we laughed harder and longer.
He was a marine in WWII, a hard worker and good provider. He was the son of immigrants and believed in this country's opportunities passionately. Education was key and he made sure his children got the best. He never let them think they couldn't succeed. He never had a day of college, yet he retired with the title "Engineer". He was so proud of his family and gave them everything he had.
But what I'm remembering this morning is how he hard he laughed at himself.
Not a bad thing to be remembered for, not a bad thing at all.


Ryan Shostak said...

One of my favorite memories is when the squirrel got caught in the gutter and while we were just going to lay it on the ground and let the squirrel crawl out he came out and started beating it against the ground. Then the squirrel jumped out of the top and ran along his shoulders and down his back. I don't think I've ever laughed so much and been so scared in my life.

Kay Dew Shostak said...

True, true Ryan - one of the funniest things in my life. Maybe THE funniest.