Friday, April 9, 2010

Originals are Over-rated

A writer friend, Jodie, also blogs and this morning her blog for today got me to thinking. BTW here's the link to her blog.
Today she laments re-makes of songs.
Well, I disagree, which is kind of funny because we see eye to eye on so much. I love re-makes of songs and movies and even books. I discovered this a long time ago, but I've never talked about it, because it really seems to irk people who love the classic, the original. When I realized I didn't have that irk response to a pop version of a Beatles song or a country re-make of a 60's rock song which caused other people to nearly drive off the road, wrenching the radio knob, I started wondering why.
Well, nothing profound, I just think it's neat to see what folks come up with. It's not like the original ceases to exist because it's been remade. If that were the case and we only got ONE of everything, then I might have to put moratoriums on certain songs or movies. But hey, you know me, the more the merrier.
And there can be some upsides - Doesn't a bad copy make the classic shine even brighter? And has a new rendition never pointed a person to the original?
Many times I've wished for the discernment and knowledge which brings such depth of conviction to folks about music and films and all the arts. But I finally gave it up.
I'm just a big 'ol hillbilly.
Now I'm going to go listen to my Partridge Family songs I downloaded on my ipod. And, no, the screen didn't melt or anything.


Rob said...

Partridge family!? Really!?

Kay Dew Shostak said...

I knew you couldn't leave this one alone! I could've downloaded my Partridge Family albums right on to my ipod, but they wouldn't fit in the cd slot. Bummer. I actually had to pay for them - again - since I bought the records in the first place.

Jodie said...

Ooh, wow. Now it's on! :-) Too funny. Can't believe it took us nearly a year to disagree on something. But you will never, ever get me to listen to the red-headed mall singer without twitching uncontrollably. Sorry.