Thursday, April 1, 2010

Watching the Eyes

I've watched The Passion (Mel Gibson's movie) so many times now, that I can concentrate on smaller details. Mike and I watched it last night and what I was drawn to were the eyes. There was some really good acting in that movie.
Mary's eyes changing from despair to recognition when she runs to a battered Jesus on his way to crucifixion. She goes to help him, but when he looks at her a light of triumph shines from his bruising and he says, "I'm making all things new." You can feel her remembering her willingness to do hard things out of love for God.
John's eyes as he watches the blood drip from the cross and he remembers only a few hours earlier Jesus saying, "This is my blood, poured out for you." Understanding begins to push away his doubt and fear.
The elders eyes when they watch Pilate and the crowd. How thinking, how one step ahead they are.
But the eyes that I watch the most are those of the Roman soldiers. Thinking about them this morning I think what draws me to them is that they don't come to this day with any established opinion about this man. He's just part of the job.
Some seem from the beginning to be watching things closely and sensing something more, others are efficient and in charge, others are cruel and dismissive. What understanding they gain does not come from a history with Jesus or their heritage or their already made up minds.
And thinking back to youth group, those were the kids I loved to minister to most. Those who are looking for a way to make things make sense - whether they know it or not.
Isn't that interesting, that I would become more aware of who I am by who I watch in a movie? So, whose eyes have struck you, called to you, reminded you? And what does that tell you about yourself?

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