Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Problems are Sneaky

Opportunities abound. The only thing is, they're usually disguised as problems. And once we identify it as a problem, getting it switched around in our mind is almost impossible.
Have you ever identified a person as a problem and failed to see their potential? I have.
Ever been certain someone is trying to take advantage of you and lost out on a true reward? I have.
Have you watched someone walk the path you thankfully, and shrewdly, got out of only to see that path turn wonderful? I have.
Many times we pass up these types of opportunities and never think of them again. But, like I said in a blog earlier this month, I'm nosy. So I usually hang around and watch - and get to see what I missed out on. And due to the hanging around and seeing how things tend to turn out, I've become more wary of "Problems." Well, really, more wary of my early identification of situations as "Problems."
So what's going on in your life right now? Any problems? Any chance they could be opportunities? Any chance they could be blessings? Any chance at all?

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