Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Want to go on a Walk?

Spring woods are alive with budding trees, twitterpated animals, and awakening flowers. Paths through the woods call.
Once you find a path, walking it requires some things of the walker. One, to choose a direction to go on the path.
Two, to actually walk on the path, forward motion
But to require nothing more of your path walking than those two tenets is really just the beginning. So here's a couple more.
Three, to understand that walking on this path WILL lead somewhere. Maybe good, Maybe bad - but it will go somewhere.
Four, to realize time will pass while you walk this path, and consequently that time cannot be spent walking another path.
I know right now you're saying, "For crying out loud, I thought we were just walking in the Spring woods."
But aren't these things we consider when we set out on a walk through the woods? The direction, the speed which we can go, where the path leads, and the time required? And yet I'm not sure that some folks around me pay nearly this much attention to the path their life is on. Blindly rushing down a path isn't progress if every sign along the way says "Dead End Ahead".
So maybe a walk is in order today. A walk on a path or a city street or in my sub-division. And some thinking about where the paths I'm walking in my life are leading might be a good thing. No, it WILL be a good thing.
Won't you join me?


Anonymous said...

Write on, sister. A walk sounds GREAT!

Kay Dew Shostak said...

When we have that famous Tribe retreat we'll have our walk! Have a wonderful Wednesday.