Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Places, New Faces

Sitting in a McDonald's in La Grange, Georgia this rainy morning. Mike and I drove down early this morning for a work meeting he has here. I came along because in a couple months this will be our son's new home. He'll finish college, start his new job, and get married all in a couple weeks time.
Later he's meeting us to show us the house they are going to rent, then we get to see his office at La Grange First United Methodist Church where he'll be the new Sr. High Youth Minister.
After I dropped Mike at his meeting, I drove around town. Very pretty, very Southern are some of my main thoughts. Purple wisteria drapes everywhere, the sweet smell combining in a dreamy way with the fresh rain. Azalea's are beginning to open and create whole hedges of pink and purple. Dogwoods gracefully hover above newly greened lawns surrounding old brick houses and deep porches with white columns. Town square has a wide, spraying fountain circled with brick sidewalks, benches and wrought iron fencing.
How exciting to be starting out in a new place, meeting new people, trying new restaurants and stores. There is something to be said for staying where you are known and where you have a history. But this morning I'm remembering the excitement of moving into a new place and discovering it. --And feeling that excitement grow for Ryan and Casey.
They are going to have such fun here!

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